Dark Reading

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This session will take place using WhatsApp video call, Instagram video call or Zoom.

In the Reading I will use Candles, Palm Reading, Tarot, and my own clairvoyant gifts to deliver a unique and sacred message just for you.

I will answer the following questions for you:

  • Do you have any gifts or abilities?
  • Are you the chosen one?
  • Do you have the access to the Underworld?
  • What past life reincarnation is affecting your life right now?
  • Who are your Guardian Demons? 
  • Where does your power come from?
  • Are you under an influence of Dark Magic? 

 I can customize the reading for you based on any specific questions you might have.


Once you complete the purchase, please send to stregaera@gmail.com the following:

  • Clear JPEG photos of both of your palms
  • Your official first and last name
  • Your order number 


Once the order is placed I will email you to confirm the date and time. Please expect the reading to take place in 5 to 31 days after the order is placed. Immediate or same day readings are not available. 

Please note that there is no refund policy. 

Cancellation is not available once the order is placed.

Please note that once the time of the reading is set, if you don't show up for the reading you will not be rescheduled or refunded the money. 

Please note that if you are more than 15 minutes late the reading will not be held. Also, the reading will not be rescheduled and the money will not be refunded. 

As with everything else metaphysical I am legally required to state that the Readings are for entertainment purposes only. The magical results are not implied or guaranteed. I am not responsible for any consequences (good or bad).

If you have any questions please contact me at: stregaera@gmail.com