Home/Business Cleansing

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Home cleansing is an ancient tradition that was performed all over the world. It is a form of witchcraft that brings prosperity, good luck, positive energies, protection, and love into your space.

It removes negative energy, energy blockage from previous tenants, malicious spirits, bad luck, hexes, and any negative magic that was sent to your place.

The common signs of a place that requires a cleansing are the following:

  • Having extraordinary or paranormal activities in the premises
  • Feeling of being constantly watched or followed
  • Seeing visions or hearing voices
  • Losing personal items and sense of disorientation 
  • An abrupt change in behavior
  • Sudden changes in temperature in the premises

Once the order is placed I will email you to assess the situation and determine the appropriate next steps to be followed. 

It is expected that I will travel to the location where the Home/Business Cleansing will be performed. In a situation where I am unable to go to your country due to a visa process or any other reasons, the Home/Business Cleansing can be performed remotely.

The cost doesn't include my travel expenses.

Expect to pay up to 5000$ for my hotel and airplane tickets.

During the Home/Business Cleanse you and everyone involved are required to follow my instruction fully and without questioning my demands.

Please note that there is no refund policy. 

Cancellation is not available once the order is placed.

As with everything else metaphysical I am legally required to state that the exorcism is for entertainment purposes only. The results are not implied or guaranteed. I am not responsible for any consequences (good or bad).

Services provided by Inna Witch are exclusively for the purpose of separating an entity or entities, or removing a negative energy from a home, business, or a space, and are in the nature of spiritual counseling/witchcraft and not medical or psychiatric treatment. 

Please be advised that I am unable to provide healing or alleviate any conditions affecting an individual. While I will diligently carry out my duties, it is important to note that the outcomes cannot be guaranteed.


I will not at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, use for the personal benefit, disclose, or communicate in any manner, any information that has been disclosed by you. I will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential. 

By ordering the service, you agree to permit Inna Witch to disclose details and circumstances of your case in a manner which will not allow a third party to identify you or the recipients of the service. Your case might be shared for the benefit of others who may wish to receive my services or for written publications.