Rite of Passage

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The ancient Egyptians made significant investments in their preparation for the afterlife. They knew that with the proper preparation, any living person could become immortal, divine, or choose the reincarnation of their dreams.

The Rite of Passage Ritual is more than four thousand years old. It will aid you in your transition to the afterlife.

The Ritual is composed of ancient magical spells, forgotten incantations, mortuary items, amulets and all the necessary preparations so the eternal life of your soul after death will be guaranteed.

Old corpora of the Pyramid texts and coffin texts will bring forward the ritual that successfully navigates the perils of the Underworld and the afterlife.

This ancient Ritual has the power to join the resurrected soul with the gods of creation, transfiguring mortal into immortal - becoming God. 

Or it can grant you any reincarnation of your choosing, so in the next life you can come back as a famous, wealthy, or any person you would want to be.

Rite of Passage can be used to stop your from reincarnation cycle if you wish to never come to Earth again.

The Rite of Passage won't affect your karma or destiny. 

I will come to you for the Rite of Passage ceremony.

I will bring with me your soul's scroll that contains ancient Egyptian spells, and all the necessary relics that will help your soul go to the place of your choosing.

You will have to keep these objects safe and close to you for the rest of your life. You will have to make sure that when you die, the spell scroll goes with your body into the coffin or gets cremated with you.

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