The Mirror Spell/Wish Come True Spell

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Use this Spell if you want your wish to come true. 

You can use this Spell for more than one wish.

People greatly underestimate the power of a simple word spoken in joy or sorrow, mercy or anger. The Word can become both a deadly weapon and a great boon. This is the essence of the spells, which can be used by anyone who wants to comprehend the ancient Art of Magic.

A single word comprehends all things. We use amulets and talismans, various magical tools. We go to places of Power, we perform sacred rituals and ceremonies. But all of our actions are dead and meaningless outside of words.  

Words, connected together in a certain sequence and uttered at the right moment, become for the magician a guide to the upper world. A thread connecting him with the Universe who has the power. The Word is a sound, sound is a vibration. The vibration of your Word creates your new reality. Every Spell holds a unique and sacred sequence of vibrations that have the power to change the future. To speak is to create.

You need to read your spell properly in order for it to work:

  • You need to free yourself from all the negative emotions (unless you are doing dark magic or hexing magic)
  • Pronounce all words clearly and confidently
  • Sacred texts should not be heard by anyone else
  • Spells should be cast after midnight or from 3 to 4 am (unless you are given specific instructions stating otherwise)
Once you complete the order you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download the Spell in PDF format.

As with everything else metaphysical I am legally required to state that the Rituals or Spells are for entertainment purposes only. The magical results are not implied or guaranteed. I am not responsible for the consequences (good or bad) from your actions. Never play with magic: casting incantations or spells for fun is dangerous.

Please note that there is no refund policy.  

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