Vade Mecum of Protection

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Vade Mecum is a handbook or guide that is kept constantly at hand for consultation. The phrase is Latin and means “go with me”.

This is the Vade Mecum of Protection written by me specifically for you. In this Vade mecum I will write for you the following:

  • The name of your Demon that is protecting you
  • Your Personal Sigil for protection
  • Your Rune for protection
  • Which Tarot Card you should use in order to protect yourself
  • Your own spell and how to use it for protection 
  • Message from the Underworld: what you need to know at the moment


I will connect to the Underworld to channel unique, dark, and sacred information for you.

Your Vade Mecum consists of 5 -12 PDF downloadable pages that will be sent to you via email.

No physical products will be sent to you.

Once you complete the purchase, please send to the following:

  • Clear JPEG photos of both of your palms
  • Your official first and last name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your order number 

Your Vade Mecum will be ready and sent to you via email within 11 to 31 days.

If you want to order The Vade Mecum as a gift for someone else, please let me know all the information I asked above. And I can forward The Vade Mecum directly to them.

Please note that there is no refund policy. 

Cancellation is not available once the order is placed.

As with everything else metaphysical I am legally required to state that the Readings are for entertainment purposes only. The magical results are not implied or guaranteed. I am not responsible for any consequences (good or bad).

If you have any questions please contact me at: